After working several years in fashion related projects, Jolanda started her own design firm as an independent designer in 2003. Based in the Northeast of Holland. but regularly travels, to work with inspiring brands and people. Where she works on a wide range of diverse global projects on every scale, from interior concepts and office design as well as product and social design. Her background in Fashion has led using different approach in developing interior concepts. Stories about space, shapes, colours and textures. Her aim is to create an aesthetic environnement that focuses on revealing the story in the approach to space, proportion and light. Creating a beautiful balance between form and function.


It started when Jolanda was young. The urge to express her creativity. At 25, after a study at the Academy of the arts in the netherlands, she moved to Paris to develop a conceptual clothing collection. She stayed there for 4 years, graduated with a Master of fashion design at IFM, using that period to do research, internships at renowed fashion-houses and take part in exhibitions and events. It was a fun and inspiring period for her. Receiving stipendium for emerging artists as well as project related grants, to create new work and to experiment in fashiondesign, entrepreneurship and profile.


If you have any suggestions, propositions for collaborations, other ideas or just want to say hi, email me at: